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The Software That Reminds You to Stretch

The Problem:

Take a stretching break. You'll feel better!

If you work at a computer there is a good chance you will eventually suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, along with back pain, stiff muscles, tight joints, tension and stress. Every day millions of workers feel the aches and pains brought on by long hours while sitting at a desk using a computer.

To address and combat the growing problem of workplace injuries, OSHA has recommended taking stretching breaks – a simple activity that can make you feel better. However, most people will not make the time to take a stretching break – they need to be reminded to stretch.

The Solution:

Stretching cover

StretchWare is the ergonomic software that reminds you to stretch, developed by stretching expert Bob Anderson, author of the classic best-selling fitness book, Stretching.

StretchWare has:

– Reminders when you want them

– 14 stretching routines to choose from

– Clear drawings that are easy to follow

Educational information on:

– repetitive strain injuries

– carpal tunnel syndrome

– office ergonomics

Available for:

– Mac OSX and Classic

– XP, Vista (SP1), Windows 7, Windows 8

Take a Stretching Break
You’ll Feel Better!

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I thank you and my aching back thanks you!”
Pamela Legge
Buffalo, NY

I’m a HUGE fan of this program…”
Elaine Kelso

“Wow, StretchWare is amazing!! I have been using and enjoying the free demo for a month. thank you for creating such a nifty program.”
With gratitude,
Alison Isenberg

StretchWare is used by
these organizations

Berkeley National Lab

Columbia Memorial Hospital

Davis Office Systems

E.I. DuPont



Honeywell International

Lawrence Livermore Lab

Lifemasters Selfcare

Marvin Windows

Ntl. Park Service, GGNRA

Ntl. Public Health Institute

Presbyterian Healthcare

Rayethon Systems


Tesoro Corporation

U.S. Geological Survey

University of Arizona

University of Washington

University of New Mexico

University of California Press

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina

Warn Industries

- more…

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